Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am thinking that this blog will be more of a journal for me. I have always wanted to keep a daily journal to look back on for answers, amusement, sentiment, etc...So this will be the start, day 1, the beginning, il dapprima.
On my mind today has been the idea of getting a wrist tattoo. Something that I have thought about for quite sometime, but I finally have decided on the saying...sono benedetto...I am blessed. I like it. I think on the inside of my left wrist, under my bracelets that I ALWAYS wear, very small italic font. I wonder if I will ever have enough nerve to go through with it.
Matt called this morning and asked me to go to the Timberland Outlet for him. He's looking for boots for Italy like the black winter ones from a few years ago. Found them for $60-a bargain and he was thrilled to save over $40 from what he found. Stopped at The Cooking Company and they are looking for afternoon, evening, Saturday help. I thought about it but Tommy's schedule really precludes me from any job. I wouldn't be able to have time off with him probably, and that makes me sad. But I did get a turkey asiaggo cheese sandwich on a baguette which was good, kinda dry. They are now carrying Stonewall Kitchen and other gourmet items which was fun to see. Penthy called and we made plans for next Thursday and talked about Thanksgiving. It is going to be a crowd this year. 2 turkeys I'm thinking. Sounds FUN!!!


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